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One of the number one concerns of entrepreneurs generating over six figures is how much they’ll owe in taxes.

  • Let me guess, you’ve practically mastered all aspects of your business but you’re still intimidated by your end-of-year tax bill. As a result, you play small when it comes to setting bigger revenue goals for your business. Having big revenue goals without having a tax strategy is like One of the number one concerns of entrepreneurs generating over six figures is how much they’ll owe. MAKING money isn’t a problem for you, but RETAINING it at the end of the year is.

  • Every year during tax season you:

    1. Get vague business advice from your other entrepreneur friends about their tax strategy.

    2. Search online for answers but end up with even more questions.

    3. Consider going back to corporate even though it will cost you your freedom.

You’re exhausted trying to piece together your tax strategy and want real assistance on how to reduce your tax bill without reducing your revenue goal.

ncreased profits without increased tax liability are absolutely possible once you apply the SMART (Strategic Moves Around Revenue & Taxes) Method to your profit goals. It’s the same exact strategy that I’ve used over the past 13 years to help 1st generation women entrepreneurs keep their taxes so low that it allows the savings to enhance their businesses and their lives.

Imagine how much more empowered you’d feel once you can:

1. Freely make as much money as you want without fear of taxes

2. Have enough revenue to build your dream team and scale your business

3. Confidently implement a personalized tax plan that keeps you on track year round

4. Generate wealth and leave a legacy for your family

While working as a tax strategist for the past 13 years, I’ve noticed there are 4 common mistakes most women entrepreneurs are making that’s holding them back.

Do these resonate with you?

Wasting valuable time & energy trying to figure taxes out by yourself

Hiring an accountant who does not specialize in entrepreneur taxes

Thinking Google will give you all the answers but become overwhelmed & don’t do anything

Waiting until tax season to work on lowering your taxes

While working as a tax strategist for the past 13 years, I’ve noticed there are 4 common mistakes most women entrepreneurs are making that’s holding them back.

In the past, it was so common to only think or talk about taxes during tax season. It was also common for entrepreneurs to believe they needed to wait until they hit a certain profit level to implement a tax strategy but by then it was too late. Waiting until the end of the year for large profits to work on taxes leads to overwhelm and overpaying taxes because there is simply not enough time to implement impactful strategies.

So many entrepreneurs were limiting their revenue goals out of fear of an unfair tax bill because they did not realize they could have a customized plan to help them understand what tax deductions, credits, and business strategies to implement at each revenue milestone.


More Than Tax STRATEGY

A personalized tax plan to help you implement with each revenue goal & keep your taxes low

How does the More Than Tax STRATEGY work?

Phase 1: Review: Review your current financial status, current year profit goals + Q&A

Phase 2: Identify: Identify opportunities for tax savings and fill in any financial gaps

Phase 3: Design: Personalized tax plan will be designed for your business for you to implement with each revenue/profit goal between now and the upcoming tax deadline

Phase 4: Implementation: 1:1 Session of your More Than TAX STRATEGY with guided instructions, list of tax deductions to place in specific to your business and when to make the investments or implement the strategies from now until the end of the year.

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  • "I wanted to work with neurbooks by Chamina Shanelle because of her reputation helping entrepreneurs design systems to identify and automate tax savings. I gained inspiration and confidence that allowed me to let go of the overwhelm. Her mentoring works. As a small business owner, I am in EXPECTATION of higher revenues and increased growth. She cut through the noise. She is sincere."

    - Sheryl - Consultant

  • "You are incredible and such a blessing to me for making this all so stress-free -plus, I legit cried when I saw that refund amount. That amount will really help with our savings goals. Thank you again so much for making this so painless for me!"

    - Jenny - Freelancer

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About Chamina Shanelle

I've been beating the IRS at their own game for years using their rules. I have gone from working with corporations for the past 20 years to working with hundreds of entrepreneurs saving them thousands in taxes. I've worked with consultants, coaches, other financial experts, child care providers, and others!

I am on a mission to change the lives of 1,000 women entrepreneurs by implementing big business tax strategies to expand your small business.

My goal is to bridge the gap between women entrepreneurs and big businesses sharing the secrets & strategies.


Let's Talk About Lowering Your Tax
  • This is for you if…

    1. You are serious about meeting your profit goals

    2. You want to avoid tax time stress

    3. You are ready to use your tax savings to grow your business

  • This is not for you if…

    1. Want to stay stressed year after year at tax time

    2. Want to continue to limit your income for fear of tax bills

    3. Want to miss out on tax savings due to a lack of planning

  • "Before working with neurBOOKS, I was a mess! I needed someone who I could trust! I can now focus on running and growing my business. I was so worried about making mistakes and making sure to pay on time and the right amount, and now it's on time and the right amount is paid"

    - Charmin - Esthetician

  • "Thank you so much! You have absolutely inspired me. I thank God in advance for the growth that is happening in my business and in my life! Thank you for creating a space where I could be transparent with my finances without shame."

    - April - Consultant

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