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Book Cents Planner w/Hidden Funds

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The Entrepreneurs Guide to Saving on Taxes All Year Long + How to Prep for Taxes in 1 DAY

Join the hundreds of entrepreneurs who have identified $10k in additional tax write-offs.

 This is your guide to Productive Tax Planning made easy.  

Implement a clear system that will guide your business through the tough obstacles of tax paperwork with the Book Cent$ Planner. Keep your company on track throughout the year, maximize your business finances and take advantage of effective methods with great results. The Book Cent$ Planner is perfect for the successful entrepreneur who wants a structured system in place without the need of a regular accountant.


With your purchase of Book cents, you gain a bonus list of the most overlooked tax deductions. HIDDEN FUNDS is a list of the 50 most missed tax deductions that entrepreneurs don't realize are tax deductible, especially when transitioning as a boss. You can not afford to want to miss out on another tax write off .

Use this list as a guide to help you unlock hidden funds through BAE’S prior to filing your tax return. Avoid overpayments, filing for extensions. Whether you are the ultimate side hustler, a new entrepreneur or a vet in the tax game, HIDDEN FUNDS is your solution to all your tax season concerns.